Andy Bonner’s “secret sauce” earns him a COC

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Feature photo: Internal Audit Service Director Andy Bonner receives the Chief Officer’s Choice certificate from POCS Chief Officer Gloria McField-Nixon. Members of Internal Audit Service flanking them from left are Joefil Baquid, Cherry Luzon, Malcolm Powell, Tina Nonato, Karen Christian,Georgina Seymour and Anya Payne.

Published 15th May 2018, 10:15am

Director of the Internal Audit Service Andy Bonner is the Portfolio of the Civil Service’s Chief Officer’s Choice (COC) awardee for March.

The Internal Audit Service (IAS) team nominated Mr Bonner for his pursuit of Excellence in Talent Development for the entire team. In recent months, all seven members of the IAS have made progress towards earning professional designations such as Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP).  Additionally, Mr Bonner has  developed succession plans to enhance the roles of Caymanians in senior-level positions. In fact, Deputy Director of IAS Lauren Knight is currently on a 15-month secondment with the United Kingdom’s Government Internal Audit Agency.

Mr Bonner joined the Cayman Islands Government in 2006 as Manager, HR Audit & Compliance Services and began acting as Director of Internal Audit in 2016 before being appointed to the position in September 2017.

During the COC Award ceremony, Karen Christian, a member of IAS, explained why the team nominated their boss.  She said, “He is an exceptional leader. He balances the need for IAS to deliver on its mandate in a proficient and professional manner with the needs of his team by ensuring they receive training and challenging assignments that cater to their personal and professional growth.”

“Mr Bonner has demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills by encouraging, supporting and providing inspiration to the team to acquire professional qualifications while also ensuring they gain experience in all facets of internal audit,” she added.

During the COC Award ceremony, Portfolio of the Civil Service Chief Officer Gloria McField-Nixon wondered about Andy’s “secret sauce” that had his entire team nominate him. She said it must be because Andy goes out of his way to ensure professional development for each of his staff, in keeping with the priorities highlighted in the 5-Year Strategic Plan.

“I think it is remarkable that your team nominated you for a COC Award, because it is usually the other way around. But it is obvious your team thinks highly of you, which is the highest praise that can be offered to any leader,” Mrs McField-Nixon said.

She added, “You are often referred to as the ‘gentle giant.’ This speaks to the fact that you stand tall both literally and figuratively and have a reputation for being a caring leader and auditor who is committed to making a difference in the lives of those he serves.”

Andy Bonner was incredibly proud of being awarded the “Chief Officer’s Choice” for March.

“I work with an amazing team of auditors, and to learn that they nominated me for this award was a very special moment I won’t forget. It means so much to know they saw me as deserving and that they took the time to do this. I am grateful too for our Chief Officer’s acceptance of their nomination and kind words expressed. I look forward to us all continuing on our ‘World Class’ journey together.”