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Published 15th May 2018, 9:53am

“Being selected for this award feels like I am winning for everyone because I could not have done this alone,” said Department of Vehicle & Equipment Services (DVES) Support Service Officer Lara Nixon as she collected her Chief Officer Choice Award.

Ms Nixon received the Award Tuesday, 1 May at a reception hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure (CPI) along with Chief Officer Alan Jones, Deputy CO Tamara Ebanks, DVES Director Richard Simms and 30 of her colleagues.

“I am elated that we have a boss who recognizes and appreciates the hard work that we are doing at DVES. I love my job here,” she declared.

A 29-year career civil servant, Ms Nixon started as Clerical Officer in the Broadcasting Department in 1989. She moved to DVES in December 1993 where she maintains the Government’s Fleet list, provides detailed vehicle history reports as requested, ensures that all work orders are accurate and closed in a timely fashion and also maintaining the physical vehicle files.

She was selected by Mr Simms for exceptional customer service and helping the Department achieve its strategic goals during a demanding last quarter. During that busy period, on top of her usual tasks, she ensured that the Obsolete Fleet Strategic Financial report and End of the Year Inventory Audit report were completed, while creating a new database for uploading the new inventory management system.

DVES Director Richard Simms praised Mrs Nixon, saying “She is exceptional when it comes to customer service. She is always friendly and helpful to vendors and goes above and beyond to assist people to ensure that queries are answered or issues rectified. And she consistently pushes to improve the quality of DVES fleet services delivered to our customers,” he added.

Chief Officer Alan Jones praised the DVES Director and team. “DVES is doing some really good work. It is one of the departments that consistently shines even though they often do so without getting the credit due from their many and varied customers. The team spirit within DVES is a great thing to witness. The pride shown by all the employees that one of their own has won this recognition is testament to that. Lara is a super employee.”