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Where can I find job vacancies that are available in the Cayman Islands Government?
To find out what jobs are available with the Cayman Islands Government, you can visit our website at www.recruitment.gov.ky or read the classifieds section of the local newspapers.
How do I apply for a job with Cayman Islands Government?
You apply for a job with the Cayman Islands Government through our online career portal; which can be access by selecting “vacancies” from www.gov.ky or directly at www.careers.gov.ky.
Do I still need to submit a photograph with my application?
No, photographs are no longer required.
If I submit a resume do I still need to complete the government application form?
Yes. The application form includes information that isn’t listed on the resume.
Who should I contact regarding a post I have applied for?
To contact someone regarding a post you have applied for, you should make a note of the recruiting officer on the job advertisement. This person is the main contact.
When I apply for a job, how long should I expect to wait for a response and who will the response come from?
Applicants who apply for an advertised post will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of their application within two weeks if sent in by mail, faxed or hand delivered while emailed applications will be responded to within 48 hours. After you receive your letter of acknowledgement, the waiting time for being selected for an interview varies greatly but typically it should take 4 - 6 weeks.
Do all jobs require me to take a pre-test?
Not all jobs will require a pre-test. The clerical officer/ executive officer test is no longer mandatory, however a department may still request for applicants to take the test. Other posts may require a short test designed to test specific skills needed to successfully perform the job, for example a practical test on typing or data-entry.
Why do I need to update my resume?
Your resume should always be current so that employers have an accurate idea of what skills, knowledge, experience and competencies you have to offer. An employer will want to know your most recent work history including your current employment status.
Why do I need to submit a new application form each time I apply for a job?
Just like a resume, an application form should contain the most up-to-date information, so each time you apply for a job you should complete a new form. This is true even when applying for multiple jobs in different departments at the same time. Remember, the recruiter is assessing your suitability compared to others and you want to ensure they have as much relevant information as possible.
How do I find out the salary scale and grade of positions within Government?

The tables are designed to be read in conjunction with each other. So, for example, you can find out the salary range for positions listed in the Position Title by Grade table by looking for the grade (which are alphabetical) in the Salary Scale table, and then along the line to see the salary range that applies.

What statistical information is available about Cayman Island Government staffing?
The Document Library on this website provides links to Cayman Island Government annual personnel statistical reports. The latest approved annual report Annual HR Report 2007.