What We Do

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To be a valued partner in achieving excellent Public Service performance.


To work with our partners on capabilities that enhance Human Resources, Management practices and performance in the Public Service, through provision of high quality policy advice, guidance and support, monitoring and reporting, and training and development services.

Portfolio of the Civil Service Core Business Units & Internal Support Services

Our Core Business

  • Strategic & Corporate HR Services
    • Strategic HR
      • Provision of strategic HR advice to the Head of the Civil Service,
      • Development of the IRIS corporate HR system, provision of corporate management information and HR user support and training,
      • Promotion and facilitation of HR best practice within Civil Service entities and across the Civil Service, including supporting the HR Forum programme of workshops for Civil Service entities.
    • Corporate HR
      • HR advice and guidance on the Public Service management Law and Regulations,
      • Provision of job evaluation services to Civil Service entities,
      • Job specification, recruitment and selection,
      • HR records management,
      • Advice and consulting support on HR matters i.e.
        • Performance management, employee relations and retention
        • Employee discipline and termination, grievance and appeals.
  • Management Support Services
    The goal of the MSU is to develop high performance and a culture of continuous improvement in Civil Service entities. Specific roles are to:
    • Undertake Civil Service-wide reform initiatives across a range of subject areas,
    • Provide policy advice and undertake one-off projects for the Head of the Civil Service,
    • Work collaboratively with Civil Service entities to generate solutions to management issues that will lead to improved performance and build management capability.
  • Learning & Development Support (Civil Service College)
    The role of Learning & Development Support is to provide:
    • Strategic leadership and development of the Civil Service College
    • Learning needs assessments within the Civil Service
    • Course design, development and delivery
    • Management of service provider contracts
    • Development, promotion and regular review of learning and development policy for civil service.
  • Support services & advice to the Civil Service Appeals Commission (CSAC)
    In relation to appeals made by Civil Servants and Chief Officers under the Public Service Management Law, 2005 and Personnel Regulations, 2006, the Portfolio of the Civil Service provides administrative support and technical advice to the CSAC.

Internal support services

  • Internal Finance and Administration Services
    The role is to provide:
    • financial and administrative support to the Portfolio of the Civil Service
    • contracted financial services to selected Civil Service entities.
  • Internal HR Services
    The role is to:
    • Provide strategic HR advice and support to the Chief Officer and Section Managers of the Portfolio,
    • Contribute to and where necessary coordinate provision of operational HR services for the Portfolio,
    • Support capacity building within the Strategic & Corporate HR Unit,
    • Contribute to the delivery of high quality HR services to Civil Service clients.

Governing Legislation and Regulation

In relation to Civil Service Human Resources matters, the responsibilities of the Portfolio of the Civil Service are defined in The Public Service Management Law, 2005 Sections 24 and 25.

Last Updated: 2009-04-24